Ritual — Product Launches

I lead the department through multiple successful product launches as Director of Creative at Ritual — expanding our portfolio from two SKUs to nine. I ensured the concepts, messaging and executions were on point and performing across all platforms; from the physical product packaging to ads, OOH, emails, social, editorial content, live events, podcasts, site design to everything in between. Below is a sampling of some of that work. 

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Introducing Men's Multivitamins

Up until the launch of the Men’s multivitamin, Ritual was a company made for and by women. So the challenge was expanding into a new market in a way that felt true to origin. Early on, we discovered that men’s diets were falling behind women’s, creating a nutritional “gap". So we decided to be a little bit provocative with the launch and made a campaign called Level Up that challenged men to “get on her level” (nutritionally of course). 


Our acquisition strategy relied heavily on driving adoption among current subscribers. So we created a guide for women to have the tough conversation about health with the men in their lives. The concept took clichés from the dreaded “relationship talk” to frame the conversation in a lighthearted and entertaining way.


Introducing kid's multivitamins

Everyone knows kids are picky. And when it comes to their multivitamins, parents are forced to make a tradeoff between quality and taste. But Essential for Kids was made by the uncompromising parents at Ritual who made a product that lived up to their own incredibly high standards and tasted good. So, we launched kids gummies with a campaign called “For picky eaters, by pickier parents” and put both the quality of the product and its taste front and center to make sure both parties were on board. We featured the real scientists behind the product and their very own kids in all of the campaign photography.


We turned the product collateral into a coloring book for kids, so they could draw the connection between the ingredients in the vitamins and where they are found out in the world. Driving home Ritual's core product philosophy of traceability. 


Credits —
Photography: Stephanie Gonot
Illustration: Stephanie Deangelis
Execution: In-house creative team