LEGO® Star Wars — Force Builder 

At North Kingdom, we worked in close collaboration with LEGO and Star Wars to concept the Force Builder — an app where kids “Find Their Force" through creative digital building. We set out to create an experience that captures the Star Wars ever-expanding universe in one single place and came up with a digital experience where kids get to learn about the saga, meet characters and explore the powers of the force. All the while harnessing the same creativity kids use when playing with their physical LEGOs. 

Winning Project Pitch
Digital Experience


Through workshops with LEGO and initial user testing results, we discovered the importance of empowering our young users by giving them room to explore and discover. Motivating their curiosity by creating a space for open-ended play. Early on, the LEGO team emphasized that this should not be a game, but instead a limitless experience platform. 


The galaxy expands as the child’s force grows stronger, incentivising extended play. In the beginning, the galaxy is small with set missions. Then, once the child’s force starts growing stronger, missions grow in complexity and more parts of the galaxy become available to explore.


Credits —
Created at: North Kingdom