Google — Serendipity

Serendipity is an interactive art experience that visualizes the shared curiosity of the world. It visualizes the patterns and coincidences between how often certain questions get searched on Google in an abstract and surreal way. Making you curious about what the world is curious about. We concepted and designed the experience for Portal, a custom hardware setup, to showcase the technology at the global launch of their new retail spaces.

Retail Concept
Interactive Experience


People could observe the mesmerizing patterns and connections passively or they could interact with the podium to reveal the frequency and location where each question was asked. We used sound design to bring the experience to life and add to the playful nature of the installation - drawing people in and reacting to user’s interactions in a way that made them feel like they were making music out of the visual elements.


While at North Kingdom, we defined the concept and then immediately began prototyping different design solutions for the Portal hardware. With multiple podium controls including a touch screen, joystick and leap motion, the experience design took a lot of trial and error and quick iteration to come up with a solution that was easy to use, playful, and inviting in a retail environment.


Credits —
Created at: North Kingdom