Ritual — Retail Showroom

We created Ritual’s first retail space on Melrose in Los Angeles as an homage to where the company started. People could come in and learn about the products, read quirky rhymes about their benefits and buy their own bottle of Ritual through a round pharmacy window under a neon yellow sign that said “take your vitamins”. We used clear acrylic structural elements and podiums to feature the product ingredients and extend the brand promise of transparency into a physical space. The interior was washed in white, to feel clean and clinical with pops of yellow to add character and maintain the brand’s approachable nature. The space not only paved the way for future retail ventures, but also became a platform for brand partnership and building community connection.

Retail Concept
Interior Design
Packagin Design
POS Marketing Materials


Credits —
Fabrication: Settlers Fabrication

Design Partner: Christina Malik